i've been listening...

as of late i have been listening to a lot more popular music than i did for a period of my life - most of my adult life really. Now, i am fascinated by the new'ish numbers game these kids are running with what is now called, "the culture" aka hip hop. I feel that what is being played now, will be a direct influence on the music that will be made by the time my sons are heavy into music - should they be - of course. I want to be a dad that critiques with reference and context and not just with reminiscence and lore. I will do my duty and expose them to a wide range of amazing music and share with them the fresh little moments that makes my soul leap. 

oh Creator we sometimes looks for reminders of The Voice; the first time ever heard.


eternal dance

Earths truest partner

Is the moon.

the sun can get pulled away

   To dance with others

still the moon

embraces us

as we are

on wisdom.

The great philosopher Ghazali was once robbed at sword point traveling in a large caravan. He was forced to hand over his most prized possessions –written impressions and observations from his most recent journey in the fertile intellectual world of the medieval Middle East. He vowed in that moment to always memorize what he studied and wrote, all the wisdom he acquired along the way. He never wanted someone to be able to take learning away from him. Indeed, wisdom is elusive. It requires being awake when others are sleep, moving when others are not, hungry when others are satiated. Wisdom implies that you are free when others are shackled and that even when you are in chains you remain free.